How do I find a water shut off valve outside?

How Do I Find a Water Shut Off Valve Outside My Home?

To identify the water shutoff valve location outside your home, you may first need to determine where it is located in a box house near the street, buried in the ground, or covered by a metal cover, flush grass, or sidewalk. Contact a professional plumber like Mike Counsil Plumbing if you are unsure of its location. Then, locate the valve, turn it by hand and close the valve to prevent water from leaking into the house.


In most cases, the water shutoff valve can be found outside the house, either in an accessible spigot or buried near the street. In some cases, it can also be inside the house, in a basement, crawl space, or near the foundation. To locate it, first identify where the water main enters the house. Then, turn the valve by hand to shut off the water. A plumber may be able to help you locate the shutoff valve.

The water shutoff valve location depends on the type of plumbing in the house. For example, newer homes typically have valves located outside the house, while older homes may have them inside. Some homes also have fire sprinkler systems, while others do not. These differences affect where the valve is located, as some homes have basements, crawl spaces, or slabs on grade. There are many types of water shutoff valves available, and their functions vary.

The shutoff valve is usually located outside the house in an underground box near the curb. You can access the shutoff valve by unscrewing a metal cover or using a wrench. If you find it rusted or broken, call a plumber to take care of it for you. The valve may have been sitting idle for some time, and you’re unaware of it.

If you have the main water shutoff valve, you should turn it off when you’re not home. These valves can be located in several places, including the basement, crawlspace, and kitchen sink. The valve may be near the water heater or on the wall outside the garage in a slab house. In common locations, outside your home, in a closet, or on a wall near the front.

A plumbing emergency can strike at any time, so knowing where the water shutoff valve is outside your home can save your home and save you thousands of dollars in restoration costs. The valve can even be used for pre-planned plumbing repairs or replacements in some cases. Regardless of the type of plumbing, knowing where the shutoff valve is outside your home can help you stop a flood in minutes.


The main water shutoff is located outside your home, facing the street’s front edge. The valve is often inside a concrete box. You can turn the handle clockwise until it reaches the “off” position. If it’s a manual valve, you can apply lubricating oil to the stem before turning it. Wear work gloves and use a pipe wrench to turn the valve.

There are various types of water shutoff valves available. You can use them for emergencies or small plumbing jobs. An excellent way to find these is to download the Home Depot app. This application identifies products in your local store. Using it, you can locate the perfect water shutoff valve for your home. It also can help you find the right type of valve. You can also discover the shutoff valve nearest to your outdoor faucet.

Most homes have an outdoor water shutoff valve located near their water meter. Most of these valves are easily accessible and can be operated by homeowners, but some are specialized and need to be used by professionals. Knowing your outside water shutoff location is essential, especially when a pipe has burst or frozen. If the valve is located outside, it may be the only way to stop water from entering your home.

The two types of shutoff valves are gate and ball. The gate valve is circular and has six or eight nodules on its handle. When it is closed, the gate blocks water flow and prevents it from leaking into the home. If you have sprinklers or a sprinkler system, it is always good to shut off the water supply in both places. It also protects your home from a flood if you’re unsure whether there are sprinklers.

Your main water shutoff may be indoors if you live in a cold climate. If you live in a home where freezing isn’t a problem, it’s likely to be on the ground level. Locating it is easy if you know where to look. Check the valve’s handle to ensure it’s the right one. A broken stem or internal parts may prevent the valve from shutting off the water.

Location in a crawl space

Where should you place your water shutoff valve? Your shutoff valve is usually located near your water heater, on a pipe near your kitchen sink, or outside your house in warm climates. The shutoff valve can be inside the crawl space if you’re constructing a slab-on-grade home. In any case, it’s essential to have one. And, as always, if you don’t have one, make sure you find a place to install it.

First, you should locate the basement shutoff valve, typically located on the same side of the wall as the outdoor hose bib. You’ll need to remove some dirt to access the valve, so it may be helpful to visualize where you would attach a hose outside your home. Alternatively, you can find the main water shutoff valve inside your home, usually located along the front wall.

In a natural disaster

A water shutoff valve outside your home can help you save precious time and money if a natural disaster strikes. While water pressure does not stop when there is a break in the line, it will stop if you find the valve. In a recessed concrete box near the water meter, most water shutoff valves are located outside. A heavy lid protects the valve.

 You may need to operate the valve with a unique key if located outside. Please make sure everyone in the household knows where it is. Then, call a plumbing professional to help you turn off the water in your home.

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